Order the “Required” items on this page to fully participate in the Starting A Microgreens Business From Scratch course. We’ve included links to the lowest prices we could find for each piece of equipment!

Required Items

Pea Seeds

Broccoli Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Red Radish Seeds

Shelving Unit

Grow Lights

Light Timers

Pro Mix Soil


Trays With Holes

Trays Without Holes

Large Tote

5-Gallon Bucket

24oz Standard Clamshells

Disinfectant Solution

Standard Garden Hose & Nozzle

Garden Hose Quick Connector

Garden Hose Connector Splitter

Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Recommended Items

If you are taking this business venture seriously and have the extra budget, we highly recommend the following items:


Collapsable Table

Garden Cultivator

Cement Mixer

Quick Cut Greens Harvester + Attachment Bracket

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